Joseph had a sun cover implemented in his board

Today we went to Calella de Palafrugell. We went down to the beach. Joseph warned us to paint in the sun. It can look great when you painting, but when you see the image at home it will look terrible, way too dark. He spread out his board, pulled out a piece of iron wire and connect it to the board as support. Voilá, he got a small sun roof above his paper. Very clever.

Joseph  exclude all bathing people and instead he painted some fishermen.

He painted the beach with boats in the sea and on land. He was very accurate with one of the boats lying on the sway, saying that if you do one boat in detail, the others looks the same. The boats on the beach were white, but the surface was in the shade. Looking closely afterwards, you see that they are very dark compared to the sunlit sand. It was interesting to see how careful Joseph was with the shadows.

My painting is a bit to vivid, but I like the composition. Watercolor by Stefan Gadnell 

We painted all a similar subject. Joseph thought my nearest boat was too small. I drew it immediately bigger, it became much better.

After lunch, Joseph painted another demo, with people on the beach, trees and a lot of houses in the background. Making many buildings that are dense is very difficult. Here, Joseph showed his skill. He made it very good and you can see the specific buildings. 

We did not have much time to paint (because some of us did take a swim first). 

Joseph signed my book at page 23.

In the evening I showed my book, “Obsessed with Watercolor”, for Joseph. He has three of his paintings in it. He carefully scrolled through the book, looked at each pages, even if it was in Swedish. He signed it on page 23. Thanks, Joseph.

Joseph Zbukvic and me

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